Principal's Letter

Did you know that your child comes to the best school ever? Students are greeted every morning with a cheery "good morning" and a welcoming smile. Why? Because we love your children as if they were our own. Thank you, Parents, for entrusting your dear ones to our care. Be assured we do not take your trust in us lightly. We understand the responsibility that we assume for our teaching every day. They, in turn, shoulder the obligation of their learning every day. We daily live by the principle that "We do what's right for kids."

The culture of our neighborhood school is one of a large family with parents welcome to partake in their children's school life. We encourage parents working together with us and our teachers in many ways, volunteering, joining PTA, and participating without charge in our Family Literacy Program four mornings a week with a certified Adult Education Teacher. We believe in building strong community relationships with our partners, our students and their families. Therefore, every grade level holds a family night where teachers, students and families can meet to share activities and snacks for a fun evening together.

We are proud of our highly qualified teachers and our Instructional Assistants who give their all to ensure students' success in attainment of their academic goals. The students themselves participate in setting their goals, underscoring the ownership of their aim to achieve college and career readiness. Our school's motto is, "We stand together, and we also dare to try." We instill in our students the importance of perseverance and the value of believing in themselves. We want them to know we believe in them!

In addition to academic achievement, we encourage our students to achieve health and fitness by physically providing multiple opportunities for our staff, students and families to participate in activities that support healthy habits and active lifestyles.

With your support, encouragement and participation in your child's learning, we will succeed in helping our students grow into resilient courageous life-long learners who contribute to our communities, country, and become compassionate citizens of our world!


Michele Hutton, Principal

Cheryl Harrison, Assistant Principal